Zenith Thesis, Abbadon Hypothesis

from by In Human Form (IHF)

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Embryonic Architect
Somnambulist, enlighten mine
The worshiper's vernacular
The miserable without stains

What were those promises?
Did you intend to keep them?
Or were they just a pestilence of lies?
How many minds have you manipulated without wisdom?

A mere demiurge loitering midst the pantheon
Surveillance of the gate determines narrow pathways
Our patriarch denied us fruit to endure knowledge
That dream was fleeting through a moment in serpents
To be imperfect in our search for perfection
As the maestro awakes corporeal forms from their sleep
Transformed by the removal of tethers and restraints
Now be the loud pitch that disturbs the silence
As all you have, or had, or wanted is revealed
The circle's drawn and it is drawn wide
Now hither comes the coil
To leave behind the ego's host
And from what's left become the ghost that whom rejoices
The scythe wielded pulls our death into position
As were flung towards our fateful ambition

"Approaching zenith, I scratched thy name on the keys to the bottomless pit...Enraged...
I called the two names, the keepers of the bottomless pit...Appolyon. Abaddon."

"Thy inner Gehenna anguished, thy outer sequence nourished gnashing snarls"

Tongues buried in a concealed art form
To be revealed only through divinity's ruin

Cradle us in your gentle fingertips
Not the ones used to pluck paradoxical chords
Spill your breath so we may breathe once more
Shake about your wrists across our closed eyes
Make us see

Minds buried in an enslaved host
To be reveled, however, only through death

Regal cores coordinate eager coils
And set the bounds in matriarchs
Whom are mere waiting wombs
Sacred design, all sensory deprived, forces mind
To compartmentalize

One thousand ladders
One thousand summits
One thousand ladders
One thousand plummets
This distance
Chaotically infinite
Depths so low
Devoid of winds
Phosphorus scents of Liberty's Flame

To gain admittance into this paradigm
Is to be draped in garments of silk
Life into Death
Death into Life
Proceed into darkness beyond human reach

Alone, embracing inner journeys
Under guidance this light came

And now it is all that awaits thee
A magnified...
Cosmic entry
Secretes magnificence
As well as secrets

Hearts buried in an earthen urn
Beliefs scorned when proved to be true

Absorb the seals, beguiling
Transformation underneath eyelids
They bare for the fruitless
Conceal breath from all who inhabit life
Reveal Supreme Death (Reveal the Zenith)


from Opening of the Eye by the Death of the I, released November 27, 2016



all rights reserved


In Human Form (IHF) Lowell, Massachusetts



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