Chapters I​-​IV

by In Human Form (IHF)

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In Human Form's first official release

ALSO AVAILABLE: The Black Hours 3 way split w/ Aoi and Katahdin


released March 1, 2008



all rights reserved


In Human Form (IHF) Lowell, Massachusetts



10 Years of Frequencies...

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Track Name: abdication of an insidious existence
The power of mind domination is alchemy for wisdom's chains.
We'll move under the cover of transparency for we are shunned by the altar.
We are the sacrifice unfit for gods; we are the void where no one treads.
Our blood is that of impurity, our spirits are damned.
Though our movements seem ethereal, we are of flesh and bone.
Though our thoughts seem real, we're not of this time

We are abreacting the poems of a ruined existence.
We are the eternal link between ghost and man.
We are reflective of your solitude and grave.
Through our words we summon the carrion crows.

It's useless to sleep when your dreams are quiescent.
This forever you speak of is taking our strength.
This endeavor of living is destroying our will

When all that's realized comes crashing down to earth.
We'll see at conjecture not a sign of a rebirth.
When the pillars that have held us for so long come undone.
We'll dance in moonlit bloodbaths for alas the war is won­.

I dream of a time when all is capsulated in bliss.
A time when the mankind we know no longer exists.
I feel the awaiting flames as they flicker and wane.
The path towards the obsession has become its own bane.
It's useless to feel when pain and love are not present.
This hatred of ourselves is disrupting the change.

I stare into the mirror with hopes of one more glimpse.
Yet my reflection has been resigned.
I see the world's destruction as it drowns in apocalypse